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Meanwhile, Backstage

All the World's a Stage...

Red hair- blue/green eyes that are subject to change and shift, about 5'6" and if you value your life you won't ask about weight. :) Interests include- but certainly NOT limited to-- all of that list you see over there and other things to come as I think of them... There's also my "other side" (The one you don't guess at right away if you meet me), which includes Tarot cards, Palm reading (I'm learning,) and awareness of the "Other Half" of reality. I've been called 'teacher'- but I still feel myself to be a bumbling, stumbling student. I have found that experience is a lousy teacher, it gives you the quiz first- THEN you get the answers- unless you're smart enough to crib from others who have been there already.

Aries is Ram Love